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15 Golden tips on how to make stunning photos from your Smartphone on a trip

Smartphone the easiest tool to capture the events and emotions in the trip. However, the quality of the recordings is often poor. , Photographer, and traveler, unveiled a few secrets of mobile photography, which will help you to bring out of the trip, stunning images.


 — a popular photographer, a traveller and a Preset Creator for Instagram. His photographs are different in that they look after editing, of course. share your secrets of how to shoot on the phone and edit the photos, so the quality that they were in the vicinity of images of SLR cameras.


1. Add shadows and darken the bright areas


Most photo editing Tools have options for light and shade regulation. And it should be used.


To improve the image of the natural, the exposure is compensated for, by the depths and lights of a little concealment of the highlights. Also on the photo, he has applied the Filter from the collection of the application, in order to bring the image of the warm tones

2. Add a vignette effect and shadows to make the photo brighter


Vignetting adds to the dark border on the periphery of the images and brightens your middle. This is one of the favorite Tricks Cole. The original image would be too dark, so Cole increased the saturation and added a little sharpness to separate the balloon from the landscape. This made it possible to keep the image of course.


3. You can edit the image and reset all the settings back to 50%


This is very important.


The Trick is to make your photo look natural. You can edit the image as you normally would, and then set all the settings back to 50%.


In the past year, users finally have the ability to control the effect of the Filter. To use these settings, simply select the Filter and click again.


And another tip: do not use the tool. His task — the lack of contrast, the correct the photo unnatural.


4. You shoot people, wherever possible


Landscapes look better when you have people. The Person in the photo is capable to transmit feelings. The best example of this is how people add individuality image-it's the job to keep yourself, your girlfriend in Hand, in different parts of the world


Council 5. Help people the scale of the objects to transfer


These are the ruins of the ancient city. If you removed the Person from this photo, we will not feel the scale and grandiosity of this structure.

6. Try to make images, by from the window of the car


You will never know in advance that you will have success. Press and hold the shutter button to take pictures in burst mode. On a Smartphone that is controlled, you can turn on continuous shooting by selecting in the settings of the camera to the appropriate mode . On the Smartphone can be called . If you like this photo was created used a blur effect to add.

7. To get an interesting frame, place your Smartphone on the roof of the car


When the sky has clouds that will add to your reflection on the roof of the car photos are some of the highlights.


8. Do not immerse the Gadget on the surface of the water, to produce a steep reflective effect


9. Hold your Smartphone upright, if you shoot


To simplify the task, hold the camera upright: so is it easier, all you have to fit the image in a square area. And even better, the camera immediately for the recording only square images to customize.


10. If you are shooting landscapes, you can press the volume button to release the shutter


Did you know that you are the camera button, in the open box and press the volume up to take a picture? The same applies for mobile phones, which are controlled, you can assign the shutter function to the volume button in the settings instead of the Standard approximation function, which is set. This castling buttons is more convenient to take the phone to avoid the effect of "trembling hands", which can spoil the photo.


11. You go closer to the ground, if you want to bring an object in the foreground


With Smartphone cameras bad depth of field, so you can fall back on Tricks. To reduce, for example, the camera closer to the earth.


12. You don't pay attention, and you don't wear a backpack


The Tourist, which is kneaded by the Gadget, is an excellent bait for thieves. During the trip, Cole never wears a call-up clothes, holding his camera and phone in the vicinity of your self and always have a backpack at home. Before you pay a dealer, or just a Person on the street, to ask his permission. You will be surprised how friendly the people are.


13. Bad weather = great photo


You don't flee, when the rain or hail begins. These are excellent conditions to make a good picture. Cloudy and overcast days — there is an opportunity to capture interesting patterns in the sky. You don't sit at home, even if the weather seems ridiculous.


14. Get ready to shoot even in the most unexpected moments


Do not always have the opportunity to thoroughly prepare for the shot, pass and unexpected moments. How, for example, this image with a low-flying plane. So, if you don't want to miss great images, learn the Hotkeys of your phone. For example, Smartphones in the settings there is an Option . And in the new there is the built-in hot keys, you just have to press twice on the Home button.


15.15. To get the best pictures, go further than others


The only way to discover beautiful places, is to explore yourself. Want to get unusual shots? You go further from the places of accumulation of tourists.

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